Since the discovery of fire and heat, cooking food was one of the most useful techniques developed. During ancient times, people use heat in order to cook raw meat, boil vegetables and eventually even cook stews. Cooking food does not only “cook” the food, it also helps release the taste of the food and makes it safer to eat by killing organisms through heat. This is what Pressure Cooker does. Experts, professionals, and stay at home moms are developing different cooking techniques. Throughout the years, cooking techniques are constantly evolving, making food a lot easier to prepare and more delicious and healthier to eat. One of the most useful techniques developed was the use of pressure in cooking.

Pressure-cooking involves the use of steam and pressure to cook food. A best pressure cooker is composed of steel with a sealed gasket to avoid leakage of steam. As the water boils, it creates steam and in turn increases the pressure inside the pressure cooker. With the increased pressure, the temperature inside the pressure cooker is higher than the boiling point of water. In line with this principle, foods cooked in a pressure cooker require less cooking time, saving time and energy. One of the leading brands in kitchen appliances and food processors are founded by Carl Sontheimer in 1971.It is one of the few brands to become popular in the United States.

Manufactures quality, innovative and elegant models of kitchen appliances like the Pressure Cooker. The CPC-600 Electric Pressure Cooker is one of the famous products of Cuisine. It is a 1000 watts advanced pressure cooker with a capacity of 6 quarts. It cooks food 70% faster than conventional methods using the pressure technology. It locks in the flavour and nutrients in food due to its tightly sealed lid. It features three variable pressures and temperature settings, Browning, Simmering, and Sauté functions, perfectly appropriate for your everyday cooking needs.